Friday, April 28, 2006

This weekend, the Junior Miss will be immortalized in ink, if you know what I mean. Twice. Once on mama and once on her dad.

Her new trick, the reach and grab, has been expanded to include her Momo. Especially his long ear hairs. It's so sad for him that the only reason I am thinking to wash and brush him is because she's touching him now. Poor Momo.

Last night we took a walk just as the stars were coming out and Bill told me that when he was little he would bury his face in his mom's neck and say "Me no like stars!" say it together now....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Appropriate to the conversation Junior Miss was wearing her aurora borealis bunting from book club auntie Lin!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

If we all think SLEEP at 9pm, do you think it would help? We are back to a 10-10:30 bedtime and it means no tv, no movies, and no Bill and Martha time.

I got my positive preggo test a year ago today!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Eva has a boyfriend....nannynannybooboo. Here she is with D. She flirted with him the WHOLE TIME he was here.

I've got a cold, and Eva was a cranky pants last night, which leads to a grumpy day. Add to that low milk output due to the cold and I am ready to crawl back into bed with the Junior Miss and snuggle in.

But in better news, I finally overcame my fears and checked my credit reports. Surprise! I have Very good credit! I couldn't believe it! Consolidating my school loans and having paid off car and credit card debt has made a big difference. Yay for me!

Junior Miss has a new trick: she pulls her pacifier from her mouth and waves it around in her hand (and she holds it oh so daintily). This is cute. Until she decides she wants it back in the mouth, tries it backward, sucks the side, panics, drops it and WAILS.

Is that an important development milestone? No? It should be!

Friday, April 21, 2006

We have the dreaded diaper rash. I know this is because of my failure to pump an adequate amount for the Junior Miss and the addition of the evil formula to her diet. It really sucks. She's only getting 2-4 ozs of formula a day, but that addition coincided with the peanut butter stools and butt rash. And yes, I just blogged about poop, wanna make something of it?

We also had our first familial mix up about picking up and dropping off. Luckily it was discovered before we got a chance to abandon our beloved at day care. I, of course, did the mature thing and yelled at Bill. And he did the mature thing and made fun of me. And then I made him find a solution, which he did, I guess, even though it means I change my schedule. (Which is not really a solution, so much as a different plan, but it works and means she won't be at A's (Day Care provider) for 12 hours on Monday while we fish and talk to Democrats respectively.

AND lest I forget, Junior Miss had her first real interaction with the Momo yesterday when she pulled his hair. He seemed not to mind, and just sat next to us, barking at Bill when he tried to get closer. Which makes me think that maybe Mo's new trick, wanting to stay outside under the porch after his nightly pee, may be, as suggested by a co-worker, a protective thing. As opposed to a dumb dog thing.

And finally, we have Bunkhouse guests, D from Italy and his girlfriend A, and they are amazed by Junior Miss. A is a former nanny who gave Bill some advice on dressing babies for cool nights while they enjoyed beers and breastmilk on the porch while I was at a board meeting last night. And D., well he just carried her around like a football all evening. She likes his accent I think, because she googles at him like crazy. (He is good looking too, so that might be it.)

Monday, April 17, 2006

Being a baby is hard, hard work.

Especially when you have an aunt and a cousin and a grandma to entertain for a few days. Plus, throw in a protest and a concert, and you get plum tuckered out. That's when you just nod off mid-conversation in your loving Aunt's arms.

Today is Junior Miss' first day at day care. And only 2 1/2 hours before I sneak off to get her.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Thanks go to JB for suggesting the hands free pumping thingie! I guess being the mom of twins makes one twice as smart! I was able to send out an email to my activist list AND pump all at once, how's that for being an empowered pro-choice mama?

Bill's mom, sister and nephew arrive this afternoon, and I can't wait to see an emotional pregnant lady cry over a baby and rejoice that it ain't me! L. has already promised me that she'll cry over her crazy little brother's amazing baby, so I know she won't disappoint!

Monday, April 10, 2006

We took Junior Miss birding this weekend, and if she wasn't so nappy, she'd have quite the life list already! She ignored the Bald Eagle we saw right before this picture, but she was interested in the flight of the Great Blue Heron.

That was Saturday.

On Sunday, Bill suggested we take a hike. So we did! It was fun, except for the awful moment when Bill took a tumble down a hill with the baby strapped to his chest! Yikes! Luckily her dad kept her sunny side up and it was nothing a little mid-trail nursing couldn't fix. Bill says he's glad she didn't have any teeth to bite into her tongue. All that fresh air was great though, and she liked relaxing in the sun by MacKenzie Pond. After a trip to the grocery store post hike and a bath it's no wonder she fell asleep at 8pm, leaning against her dad on the couch. Early bed time is fine with me, even though it means a middle of the night feeding...I'd rather that than fussing over sleep at 10:30pm!

Friday, April 07, 2006

I can't resist posting all three of the cutest Junior Miss photos EVER.
We have new protestors here at the health center. They scream and yell and spit and call us murderers and harrass passersby. I find them really scary, not like our usual folks. Our usual anti's are quiet and prayerful and pretty darn respectful, for people who want to control women's bodies. These new ones are INSANE and seem to believe the world will end on 6/6/06. To which I say...why bother bugging us then? You should have tried saving us YEARS ago, if you really expected to get anything accomplished before the rapture. Geez. PLAN AHEAD.

In other news, Junior Miss has taken to spitting up half her bottled feedings. Slow down, Junior Miss, slow down!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Damn! I lost my post.

Let me give the eight word version.

Baby sleep
Spelling of bassinet
Tax return