Monday, February 12, 2007

Eva's on the pink bubble gum drugs for her ear infection and I am awaiting the results of my throat culture to see if I will also be zapping my bug with antibiotics. I have somehow managed to catch every illness that has ventured within 50 miles of my home in the past year. We are hoping that a better day care situation, cleaner and with fewer (and better mannered) children, will result in less illness for Eva and me. She starts with her new sitter a week from tomorrow, so we shall see!

In the meantime, Bill has made it his personal mission to wean the Junior Miss from bottle to cup this week. Go Daddy Go! She really likes using a straw, as we discovered at our poorly conceived trip to HoJo's (one of the last three left! and no wonder, it was GROSS-bad food, dirt-ay, and over priced.)

She also enjoyed the Winter Carnival Parade...especially the Lawn Chair Ladies and any brass band. I had pictures, but deleted them by accident! Curses!


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Hope you all feel better soon!

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