Monday, November 28, 2005


The day before Thanksgiving I was a mere 9 lbs. from the 200 lb. mark. Now I am sure I have gotten there. Maybe not, but I feel bigger everyday!

In spite of that, I managed to set up Eva's area last night! She now has a place to sleep. (She doesn't have a place to get changed, but that's why god made floors and beds, right?) I will take pictures as soon as I load the software onto the my new work laptop. (I use the camera for work too, so there!)

I met the pediatrician this morning and I LOVE him. I checked the day care woman's references and they were fine, but I think I was getting sign to look into a particular facility, as one of the references told me she left the woman to go to this place and it is amazing. Bill and I had already discussed going with this woman and putting Eva on the waiting list (can be a year long) for the facility this woman was raving about. Hmmmm.

And insurance. Sigh. Looks like Eva will have to be uninsured for a month. Will the expenses incurred in that first month come close to the difference between having her on the work plan from day one and paying HUNDREDS of dollars for insurance EVERY month? I hope not! At any rate I will have 30 days from her birth to add her to my work policy, so god forbid something awful happens, I can add her and then deal with the budgetary implications later...

Monday, November 14, 2005

The mountain. Bill took this one. Posted by Picasa


I was showered! And I feel so much better now!

Thanks to loved ones, Eva will now have places to sleep, bathe and bounce; clothes to wear; toys to cuddle; and books to be read!

Bill and I also finally got to IKEA to buy my wardrobe, so I'll have a better and more compact place to keep my clothes (clean and dirty!) and more space for baby stuff. I spent yesterday afternoon putting it together and am now officially exhausted! The to-do list gets shorter and shorter though, and the most important thing left to do is install car seats and find out what the heck I am doing for her insurance.

Who knew this would be so much work? Well, I did, but still!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Baby Will Be able to Sit!

And ride in the car! Or the truck! And be strolled around Mirror Lake! And the mall - if there was a mall worth strolling!

Her Grampie and Suzy have generously made possible this baby travelling and the fact that we now have a car seat so she will be able to come home with us. I feel like we are finally moving toward having all the necessities and, perhaps, even setting those things into the physical places they belong.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Last night we went with our pal R. to a talk by Bill McKibben at one of the two still operating grange halls in the park. I think little Eva likes Bill McKibben's sexy voice, because my shirt was hoping all over the place. My Bill put his hand on my belly a few times and felt her over and over. Her parts are starting to seem bigger and bigger to us! Soon the pools on weight and date of birth shall begin!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Feeling heavy! I was supposed to meet the pediatrician this morning, but cou;dn't get in the door to the office. So now I am rescheduled for the end of the month to meet him. (The receptionist claims she was there, but I could not get that door open! AND she didn't answer the phone when I called.) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 03, 2005

When Daddy Speaks...

Eva listens. Or she kicks. Or rolls. Or does whatever she does in there. Anyway, since Bill came home on Tuesday night she's been the most active little thing. Someone must have missed her Daddy. Oh, that someone was me? I guess it was.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My friend S. stopped by the office today, and I have finally passed her in belly size! (She's due a few days after me...) I hope this makes my coworker who comments on how SMALL I am and how I have not gained weight (pshh) see that I do look 7 plus months pregnant!

Diaper stacker finished! I also made a matching quilt (and as you all remember, this matches the organizer I made) and there are bumpers to be sewn too, but I need to look at the actual crib before I do it! Posted by Picasa